This Is An Eye Disorder Requiring Medical Treatment.

Eye pressure is the pressure of aqueous humour, which is essential for normal functioning of the eye. Optic nerve damage leads to partial or complete loss of vision, which is usually irreversible. When suffering from corneal abrasions, the eyes cannot tolerate brightness, and the eyelids close to protect the cornea from bright light. Blood clots in a damaged blood vessel ensure normal flow of blood through it without causing any bleeding. Since excessive intake of coagulants can also put one at an increased risk, one must avoid medicines such as warfarin and aspirin. This article provides information regarding the causes of the same. This normally happens in the facial area. This is an eye disorder requiring medical treatment. Learn more about what you can do about burning eyes. If the red spot doesn't disappear within a couple of weeks and is also accompanied by other symptoms such as pain or vision changes, do consult an ophthalmologist.

subconjunctival hemorrhage

The body then coagulates the blood in order to prevent excessive loss of blood from the wounded area. There are certain medical conditions that put one at an increased risk of suffering from subconjunctival haemorrhage. This is due to bleeding under the conjunctiva, as the small blood vessels in this area rupture.